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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a newer version has been popular football Konami soccer game for the Windows. Although the PES 2013 likened by 2012 the Evoultion of Pro Football, including other changes to improve gameplay and graphics design.

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Pro Evolution Soccer’s prisoners in 2013 is more than they had previously, making it more like a proper simulation of football, arcade style action than PES 2012 manual. Although some elements appear to be led by FIFA 12, that there is nothing wrong.


The system controls more stringent PES 2012 due to improvements in the Pro Evolution Soccer games 2013. Developer Konami soccer brings feelings of a new system of control, FullControl of PES. There is a new force first touched the ball, in which players work with the R2 button to directly control the ball can move.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 offers guidance, Focus and shoot manual was introduced to the games for the first time, allow you to adjust the height and power of each. This also improves the players juggling FullControl speed slowly and the player whom many different styles to add to their careful use R2. button

Guidance and control system tweak FullControl on Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 certainly makes for better gameplay experience which will delight fans of the PES. But the computer still will be able to pick up and play without any problems.

Screen technique from previous versions that still have also added and still feels a little weak. However, changes in the strategy game made a lot of cold and the fact that the coach will appear in a box in the corner of the screen instructions screen when you can call.

There are still some play in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, which makes it very easy to maintain. For example, you can still get behind the defense that easily with a long through ball/chip Combo.

The quality of the

Pro Evolution Soccer goal in 2013 to improve the image of players to the players in a game to live as real life counterparts for their system referred to as ‘ PlayerID ‘ by the developer. Famous players will be run, pedal, turn, move the ball and even four as they do in real life.

In this Equation, PES players 2013 is mostly about the fact the ball game-better even than FIFA look 12. Total drawings in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 fantastic, from delicate detail common team kit and shoes.

Unfortunately, the animation player in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 uneven in places. How to change the players felt clunky and vulgar goalkeeper threw laughably redundant images and jerky. In fact, the repair will look from previous versions will not work goalkeeper-goalkeeper and it seems also more realistic than ever before!

Machine impact players in the Pro Evolution Soccer for 2013 is quite interesting; You can see how the defender at one another and how it affects your movement (freedom). However, it is still missing the FIFA machine in terms of Flash animation of the collision.


People who are raises concern over the PES 2012 is cooling a little change of the Pro Evolution Soccer have been made in the year 2013, but there is still much room for improvement in his game.

Pro Evolution2013 soccer football sim is baikyang the quality looks great and now givesmore control than ever over the game.

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