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Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the latest version of antivirus software, now with more powerful engines, the style is improved, better usability and better protection against the network;

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Turn on your computer’s firewall Kaspersky Anti-virus intercepts, prevents and removes viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other forms of malware.

Real-time protection is best for submitting, email and Internet filtering accordingly. It also helps protect against hackers and detect and avoid links to malicious software-infected websites.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus also includes the systematic name of the private protection that blocks the files that the wonderful action, important to avoid attacks of malware vulnerabilities that have not yet been identified and the database. In addition, this version of Kaspersky provides additional protection against the ransomware.

In Kaspersky Anti-virus tools, you can get some very important system security options:

Vulnerability analysis — Identify failures in your system or any third-party software you have installed, so that you can solve any problems immediately.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk: Creates a bootable CD or USB drive with the engine;

Windows Troubleshooting: An analysis of your system and repairing the problems caused by malware;

Privacy Cleaner — cleans the system and unnecessary files (cookies, cache, logs, etc.);

Browser configuration: The configuration of Internet Explorer to taxonomic and suggests ways to improve security (this tool is not compatible with other browsers);

Cloud security — provides immediate protection against new threats with real-time information about the security and reputation of the site you visit.

Finally, KAV has introduced a new feature that automatically updates the software to a new version;

The new plan

Kaspersky has to re-establish this new version: a commitment to efficiency and sharpness and the easiest-to-use interface.

The main window shows the status of the protection on your computer and provides easy access to key areas — scans, updates, reports, and virtual keyboards. Additional options can be accessed by clicking the Show Additional Tools button.

The basic installation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the best for most users. More experienced users can customize their settings by going to the configuration menu (hidden in the interface).

Strong and reliable anti-virus, but no significant changes in Kaspersky anti-virus (KAV) is one of the most popular antivirus programs on the market. Anti-virus scanning engines are among the best available and their new design makes it even easier to use.

When it comes to new features go, there is really no great innovations in the latest version, but the tools and options in general have improved, with the performance of antivirus software.

KAV uses fewer resources compared to the previous version, but still has a long way to go in the relevant area. Although it is a great antivirus, it works best when it is used on the computer forever;

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