My Philosophy

Sell Higher

My approach to every sale is as custom as your unique property and needs, just like a good tailor’s approach to a well-cut jacket for their most discerning clients.

Learn to,

I take the time to understand and learn your home, your needs and your expectations, and only after this do I go ahead and design a customised marketing program. Whether you are looking to sell your first home or looking to downsize from your existing home, I understand how important these milestones are in your life. I employ the help of some of the industries best professionals, to show your home in its best form and to ensure it is marketed to the right audience.

The home selling process:

  • Why hire an agent?
  • No two sellers are the same and no two agents are the same. The agent that worked well for your dad, may not be the right one for you.
  • Is your agent too busy to take your calls or get in touch with directly? Are they readily available within in a reasonable timeline?
  • Can you fire your agent? (your father in law’s best friend might be a great guy, but can you fire him? I have a solution that will keep all parties happy here)
  • Are they looking out for your best interest? (Is your house a quickfire sale or are they guiding you correctly, so you are getting the highest number possible?)
  • What resources do they bring to the table?
  • Why hire me?
  • Not ready to sell just yet? No problem, I can still offer you valuable information at no obligation to better help you in getting ready to sell. Call me!
  • Cleaning and decluttering. Do you need help? (Packing away things that you will not be using soon is a great way to start)
  • Staging. I know some of the nicest and best stagers in the business.
  • Do we need to bring in trades to do some work to get you the top dollar? I can help with this as well.
  • Yes, I have a smartphone, but no I won’t take the pictures of your home with it. Rest assure professionals will be hired to capture your property at its best.
  • I will employ the right resources needed to show your home in its best form.
  • Professionally installed sign.
  • Create a feature booklet, not just a sheet.
  • ‘Just listed’ Post cards.
  • Online marketing campaign.
  • Inviting the right audience to come through your door.
  • Importance of an “OPEN HOUSE”.
  • What is the process when we receive an offer?
  • What are your obligations to the buyer?
  • Hiring and interviewing the right movers. (make sure they come and visit you in person, don’t rely on a quote over the phone)
  • Collecting boxes (Shops in malls get shipments everyday, great place to start).
  • Label everything.
  • Use smaller boxes.
  • Call the utility companies and Canada Post.
  • Let friends and family know you are moving.
  • Hire cleaners to help you prepare on the day you vacate
  • Try and get into your new place a day before moving day to make sure you are ready for everything and there are no surprises. (if you can’t do it, ask your agent)
  • Have cleaners ready to go into your new home before you do.
  • If you can, please try and leave any helpful notes or suggestions for the new home owners (garbage pickup days, post box number)
  • Keep medicines and essentials with you. (toilet paper, paper towels, soap)
  • Keep towels and change of clothes ready for next day or two.
  • Be prepared for dinner and breakfast for the next day or two.
  • Make sure everything gets delivered into its designated “zone”
  • Inspect your belongings and take inventory when everything has been delivered.
  • Relax, it’s a lot of work to move and it will take time to get settled in.

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