My Philosophy

Live Better

We all aspire to live better, it could be for different reasons.

Learn to,

Some of us aspire to live better through a healthy lifestyle, by having the means to help others, or simply by being able to do whatever we want with our time. We can attain this in many ways, but a key to attaining all this is to have peace of mind, the right planning and the means to be able to.

I believe investing in real estate, with the right & honest guidance, I believe it can help us all achieve “OUR” live better. Have you considered real estate as part of your active and diversified blue-chip investment portfolio? Like any sound and successful financial planner or stockbroker, your realtor must also be able to provide you with foresight, upcoming trends and valuable honest advice.

  • What are your looking for?
  • What can you afford?
  • What is your risk/comfort tolerance?
  • Who do you want as your customer?
  • Commit to the process.
  • Identify the areas and type of property best suited for your budget.
  • Sit down with your banker/mortgage broker and your accountant.
  • Let’s discuss supply and demand, forecasts and trends.
  • Its important to have this in place.
  • Will a cheaper condo with higher fees be a better bet or buying a freehold townhouse be easier to offload and realize profitability?
  • Is it better it better to buy one property for $600,000 or two for $300,000?
  • Start slow, investing is not a race, it’s a marathon, you want to finish amongst the top.
  • Vetting tenants.
  • Drawing up lease agreements.
  • Marketing to rent it.
  • Legal and financial advice.
  • Assist in getting trades if repairs and updates are required.
  1. I won’t buy it, if I can’t sell it.
  2. I won’t buy it with your money if I wouldn’t buy it with my own.
  3. If everyone is “getting a deal”, is it really a “deal”? (if you are on an auto email or getting the same sales pitch as everyone else, you are not getting a deal or exclusivity).
  • Try and get into your new place a day before moving day to make sure you are ready for everything and there are no surprises. (if you can’t do it, ask your agent)
  • Have cleaners ready to go into your new home before you do.
  • Ask the sellers to see if they can leave any advice of helpful tips about the house and the neighbourhood.
  • Keep medicines and essentials with you. (toilet paper, paper towels, soap)
  • Keep towels and change of clothes ready for next day or two.
  • Be prepared for dinner and breakfast for the next day or two.
  • Make sure everything gets delivered into its designated “zone”
  • Inspect your belongings and take inventory when everything has been delivered.
  • Relax, it’s a lot of work to move and it will take time to get settled in.

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