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The House of Cities becomes a zone of tension and mystery secret horror, hey usual cartoon style art. In this game you can play as an intruder to sneak into the house of his neighbor. However, his neighbor is vigilant and let him get rid of the side effects. You need cunning, deception and a little luck to avoid his anger.

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Layout of the neighborhood cartoon fun, color of neighbor Hello is not a mixed scene horror mystery game. Because the game continues, but you can start to see that everything is not well in the house on the other side of the road. Digging a mystery means match your mind against AI and creativity can learn the options and develop new strategies to implement. Fortunately, different objects and environmental Interactable can help you mix and disrupt your foes. Find a house of your neighbor, and there are signs and tools that are in their quest to solve the mystery of what is the mustache of this weird person.

Terrifying delight

If you like the combination of charm, Norman, solve puzzle and mystery games, you will definitely want to check out Hi neighbor. It is charming and it’s environmental tension and threat haunts.

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